A Little of Me and Some Oldies but Goddies!

by cindy aldana

This blog is long over due! For like two years i’ve been wanting to write a blog about my jewelry designs and my photography but it kinda got put on hold because of my huge decision to pack up and travel the world. Realistically I thought i would only be traveling for 6 months max, but over time it’s been over a year and a half since i started my adventure.  So I thought that i would just make a blog when i got back, but to tell you the truth now, I really have no idea when i will go back to California. So i thought that finally now that it’s better late than never. So here I am making my first post on my jewelry and photography blog.   I have one on my travels here is the link gypsyagogo.wordpress.com

This blog is mostly going to be on the jewelry designs and photography that I’ve been making along the way through my travels and a little bit of things and music that i like and that have inspired me through my journey, I might also throw in a bit of old photography from time to time as well.

But for my first blog I will be showing a little bit of my old jewelry, photos, and vintage collection that I had sold  before I left that helped me make it possible to take this trip that I decided to take. I had a couple of photography shows , and a good amount  jewelry shows and some fun with my sister selling our vintage collection before I left. I don’t have much photos on my jewelry because all of my photos are left at home same with my photography. But to describe my jewelry I was pretty much working with a lot of metals and  stones and feathers, making anything from rings, pendants, earings and belt buckles.





So during this time here is some music that i was listening a lot or that gave me inspiration!