Fly Me Away

by cindy aldana

My first destination was egypt, I traveled around there for about a month Then went to Sinai and ended up living on the red sea for about 2 1/2 months in a small town called Dahab, bartending, diving and chillen to the max.  Before I left I thought it would be a good idea for me to bring some of my jewelry that I didn’t get a chance to sell in the states, to make some extra cash. Well im glad that I did because it helped out a lot. The jewelry that i brought was my  feather earings because 1 they were the lightest and 2 the most compact so it didn’t take too much room in my bag and they barely weighed anything.

So how I went about selling my earings is that since I was bartending, I would advertise on myself by wearing my own stuff, and tourist would always ask me where I bought my earings and I would say I make them myself.  I would ask if they wanted  to check them out and they yeah.  So I would just take a 10 min break and go get my earings it’s a good thing that I was living only a short walk away.  Once I busted them out other peeps were also curious as well because there so colorful and there was nothing like that being sold in egypt, specially in Dahab.  I always loved it when someone would buy a pair because they would be so stoked with huge smiles on their face and immediately put the earings on. It makes me feel good inside  because I feel like a little part of my soul is floating all around the world dangling from these girls ears whether it be, Russia, japan, france, where ever. It’s just cool to know that a lil part of me is somewhere where im not actually there in the flesh but in spirit.

While I was there I did a lot of diving and snorkeling. The Red Sea is one of the best places to dive in the world. The coral and the fish are so vibrant and colorful and the visibility is crystal clear. Heres one of my favorite photos that I took while I was diving. One day me and some friends went to this place where you either have to walk 2 hours in the desert and the coast or take a camel there’s no way of driving. Theres nothing there except for small huts and hammocks or mats to sleep on outside. All there is to do there is pretty much chill and snorkel. I think this particular day I snorkeld for about 3 hours straight, sometimes I would make it up to 4 hours. I’m a snorkeling machine! Anyway I saw these lil  red sea shells, they look like lil strawberries in the sea, there so cute.  There actually called Strawberry Top Sea Shells. When I first found them I made sure that there wasnt anything living in them, because I don’t want to take some lil creatures home. I ended up finding a lil family of them, a lil baby one and two bigger ones.  One is slightly bigger than the other.  I decided to make a pair of earings and a necklace out of them. Since I absolutely fell in love with the sea and couldn’t take it with me when I left. I decided to take these lil shells instead with me to always remember my times there. Sometimes when I was snorkeling I would sing songs in my head since I was spending so much time in sea. But also the was this lil tounge twister that I would alway say as well. I know this is absolutely weird but I thought it  was funny. For some reason I  was  always saying this in my  head.

Sally sells sea shells at the sea shore,

Sally sells sea shells at the sea shore,

Sally sells sea shells at the sea shore!

Another thing that I had made was a Sea Horse Stencil. When I was diving one time. I had seen this tiny lil Sea Horse sleeping with its lil tail wraped around a peice of seaweed swaying back and forth with the current. It was the cutest lil thing I hade ever seen. So I decided to make a stencil and spray i around the town. The dive center had liked it so they asked me to spary it ont the side of their jeep.  SEA HORSES FOREVEA!

Theres this ridiculous funny you tube  that I love that when i think of sea horses I cant help but think about this you tube video. At the end it talks about sea shells, sea shell things and sea horses, it’s too funny!

And here are some songs that will always and forever remind me of my time living in Dahab.