New Inspiration!

by cindy aldana

Sometime after living in Egypt I found myself living I Beirut Lebanon. I was bartending at this lil bar called, “name this bar”. During that time I was also looking for places to sell my earings. I still had a little earings left from egypt and I wanted to make more. After walking the streets of Beirut I found a place, called “Luanatic” it was this funk lil boutique that had a bunch of local artists. Selling anything from jewelry, clothing, soaps, vintage things. Anyways they said that they would sell my earings. Everything is pretty much on consignment there and they just add a small percentage to whatever you want  your price to be.

Since I had my earings in the boutique I wanted to start and some new stuff. So I was walking around Boujr Hammoud which is little Armenia, to look for new inspiration. They have lots of little shops to make jewelery out of and crafting stuff, but nothing was getting my attention. I was walking past a lot of leather shops and finally I walked into one and checked out the leather. There was some really amazing leather in this shop. There was a pile of scrap leather on the swept up on the floor and I asked the leather dude what he was going to do with it and he said it was garbage and that he was just going to throw it away. I had asked him if I could take it and he said yeah take as much as I wanted, so I did. I got some new supplies like a couple of box cutters, jump rings and other lil things. Went home and started making new stuff. Since I love feathers and that’s what I was making before I decided to make some leather feathers anddo some layering. I’m obsessed with layering and colors. So here are some of the designs  I came up with.




So after I have done a bunch of them I was looking for another boutique to sell my jewelry at. I found another place called the union, they did the same thing as the other boutique which was putting  stuff on consignment. Another thing that I was doing while taking my walks on inspiration around Little Armenia was I was looking for a jeweler to make a mold of my ring that I had made right before I left traveling.  I made the ring though the lost wax process where. I had wanted to make a mold myself and make a bunch of them but I didn’t have the time. So I found someone who would do it for me here. I got a couple made here and sold one to a friend and one at the union.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took while I was living in Beirut, a mix a street art and things I saw walking down the street and junk !