My Turkish Delight Designs

by cindy aldana

So after leaving Lebanon I flew my bootie over to the Lovely cosmopolitan city of Istanbul.  After  traveling around the country, finding a job and a place to live I thought it was time to plop down and make some more earings.  These are some of the designs delights  that I came up with in Turkey. More leather feathers and some other goodies. Not so bright and colorful as my last designs because during this time it was winter.


Just a quick quote!

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.

Besides taking photos of still life’s I love snapping away at objects through windows,  its something about the reflection and the contrast between the actual subjects  and what reflects in the back ground. I also have a thing for sticking my big head out the window and seeing what I can find. All these photos are either being taking through a window, at a window or out the window.

Here are some songs and videos that I was listening to a lot at that time, enjoy! xo