What I Made In Madrid

by cindy aldana

After coming back from morocco I had all these new designs that I was ready to make. I had not made any jewelry for over 4 months and I and I was itching to get started and slice and dice my way through some leather. I had a little routine. I would make a pair of earings, do some yoga for 10 min chill clear my mind back to another pair of earings. Maybe go eat a cookie as well in between every now and then, ha ha. Paint my toe nails, back to earings my ADD was on full switch mode. So here are just a few of the earings that I made. I forgot to take pictures of some of them and a lot of them are all ready sold so you wont be able to see them but I’ll make some new ones.




So besides making earings I was doing a lot of cooking and baking because when I was living in morocco I had no access to an oven or refrigerator. The only thing I could cook on was a one burner stove. So when I got here I was cooking all these things that I was craving. One thing that I really wanted to make was a banana curry, I was inspired by all the bananas from living in banana village. I would have made it there for my friends but I knew that they wouldn’t like it because most Moroccans don’t like any  food that is not Moroccan, besides fast food. So I didn’t make it, sad face! But I did make it as soon as I could, and it was delicious the only sad thing about it was that I didn’t have anyone to share it with me because I didn’t know anyone in Madrid yet.                                                                                     

While I was there I went to this couch surfing meeting to see if I could meet any cool people to hang out with, ehhhhhhhhhh, totally lame. But I did meet this girl who was going to photography school and I had mentioned that I was a belly dancer and she asked me if she could photograph me. I thought about it for a sec because I always feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and always feel stupid posing, im not so photogenic but every now and then I’ll get a good one. So I said why not, the first shot that I posted I took myself. I had asked to use her camera because I wasnt really felling any of the photos she was taking, but I didn’t tell her that or maybe im just a bad model! But I did use her camera and her tri pod, the other ones she took, but I edited and photoshoped it a bit. Oh oh oh and the purpley velvet costume I had made when i was living in Turkey.